Monday, 5 September 2016

Hack Wi-Fi Using Gerix Wi-Fi Cracker Hot*

Cracking of wireless networks is the defeating of security devices in Wireless local-area networks. Wireless local-area networks(WLANs) – also called Wi-Fi networks are inherently vulnerable to security lapses that wired networks are exempt from.
Cracking is a kind of information network attack that is akin to a direct intrusion. There are two basic types of vulnerabilities associated with WLANs: those caused by poor configuration and those caused by weak encryption.


1: A Computer.
2: A Wireless Card capable of packet injection.
3:A Live installation of BackTrack(Kali) either on a CD or USB stick.

Create a Live USB Install

1. boot into BackTrack(Kali) using vmware

2. Click on the Backtrack(Kali) applications menu -> Backtrack(Kali) -> Exploitation tools ->
Wireless exploitation -> WLAN Exploitation -> gerix-Wi-Fi-cracker-ng

3. Go to the configuration menu and select the wireless interface wlan0
-Click on Enable/Disable Monitor Mode (this will put the wireless card into monitor mode)
-Select the newly created mono interface.

4. Now click on the WEP tab at the top of the window. -Click on Start sniffing and logging and leave the terminal open. -Once the wireless network you want to crack* shows up it has to be WEP encryption of course select the WEP Attacks
(with clients). *note that the PWR has to be high enough to work so the closer you can get, the better. -There you click on “Associate with AP using fake auth”,
wait a few seconds and click on “ARP request replay”
5. Once the Data number reaches over 10,000 you are ready to try (if the data is coming fast wait until 20 or 30,000 to be safe) and crack the key, but don't close
any windows yet. -Go to the cracking tab and click on “Aircrack-ng – Decrypt WEP password” under Wep Cracking.
Within a few minutes password will be cracked.​
Note - Try at your own risk 
This only education purpose.
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