Sunday, 4 September 2016

Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition Free Download

Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005
represents the evolution of the portable PC, allowing you to work in a greater number of places in new ways. Tablet PC, efficient, mobile and versatile, provides all the functionality of notebook PCs today, without sacrifices. Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005, designed to improve end-user experience Tablet PC. Tablet PC users can take advantage of the enhanced pen and ink compatibility, which makes the use of ink in common Windows-based programs easier than ever.

Windows Xp Product Review  
  • Servie Pack 3 Integrated.
  • updated to 200.
  • Validated (is updated without any problems).
  • It includes net framwork (up to 3.5).
  • winRAR Incorporated.
  • Video Codec (K-Lite Codec Pack).
  • It has the registry entries to install Quick play (in hp).
  • Driver sata (ati db6xx sb7xx).
  • Sata driver for intel (various).
  • native support for touch screens.
  • Several tweak: menusshowdelay (20), fast off, google home page, Entrance QPFLag.
  • faster restart, copying fast zip, remember password in IE, enable sleep mode, speed open my pc and IE, increase search remote computers, disable pass screen saver, activate autorun, clean start after installation, show extensions files, simultaneous downloads (2-10), increased access to avi files, among others.

  • Localization -English
  • Manufacturer -Microsoft

  • Min Processor Speed -233 MHz
  • Min RAM Size -64 MB
  • Min Hard Drive Space -1.5 GB
  • Additional Requirements -CD-ROM, SVGA monitor, mouse or compatible device

How To Download 
  • Click Link For Download
  • Use username/password as 12345 to start your download.
  • Enjoy.
Windows xp

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