18 Reasons Your Website is Crawler-Unfriendly 
You’ve been working on your website really hard, and can’t wait to see it on the top of the search, but your content is struggling to overcome the 10th page hurdle. If you are sure that your website deserved to be ranked higher, the problem might exist within your website crawlability.What is crawlability? Search engines use search bots for collecting certain website pages parameters. The process of collecting this data is called crawling.
Different Countries Have Their Own Search Engines and Social Networks Today, people all over the world use search engines and social networks to communicate with each other, meet new people and search for information they need.Even if Google is considered to be the leading search engine in most of the rest of the world, there are some local search engines that are widely used in specific countries. The same is true when it comes to social networks, as not all users are devoted to Facebook.
Show Great Overview Of SEOs Key Points In Here And Make Your Website Good,Better, PerformanceBase. 

Search engine optimization begins with analysis on your product or service, from which some list of keywords are taken. For example, your company could be, “wholesale dealers”, which is from here that most appropriate evaluation and analysis can be carried out related to the specific business. In addition to this, business competitors are also analysed, to ensure a clear image of your industry standing might be made.
SEO- In simple terms, SEO is the strategy of building your internet site available for the customer by utilising different methods to get high ranking positions on Search Engine Results The great news for your company is the fact that individuals are available right now looking for your services and products. The difficult part is having your company stand out above you’re a lot of business competitors. The bad news is the fact that you’re not only fighting with other small companies similar to yours , as even the large well-known brand names are also vying for the best locations of SERPs .
Blogger SEO Tips: Blogging has been one of the upcoming professions in the career world. Many people have turned towards this profession as it is demanding and also money making. Many people do blogging either as part time or full time and earn good amount. But it is not necessary that all flourish in this blog world. Professional blogging requires good language and viewpoints that need to be provided to the reader. It should interest them and make them read new topics written by the same writer.
Today, many SEO experts believe that the internal structure of your website is much important to rank better in SERP pages. That’s mean they are saying that On Page SEO is much important that anything else. Actually, they are right. Better the navigation you have for your website, more the chances to rank on higher positions. But we can’t ignore the power of Off Page SEO techniques.

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